Day use formula: Looking for a space for only a few hours? Freshen up quickly before an appointment?

Zakenman in een hotelkamer

What are the advantages of a “day use”?

Looking for a hotel room to relax for a few hours? Jump Inn has the ideal solution for this: Day use.

During the day, a studio may be empty. We make these available to those who wish to book a room for a few hours to rest or to prepare an appointment. You can book this studio for a few hours or even half a day.

Why book a “day room”?

Up to 5 years ago, 70% of hotel rooms and studios were empty during the day. People usually book a hotel only to spend the night, while these spaces can be used well during the day.

Jump Inn has studios available during the day that can be rented out for a few hours. This concerns rentals between 8:00 and 17:00. This is certainly ideal for someone who suddenly has a meeting and wants to freshen up and prepare in a quiet location.

What is the difference with an overnight stay?

There is no difference. You have the entire studio at your disposal and can use everything. In addition, you also have access to the social lounge area and to the laundry room where you can quickly do another laundry.

Are you ready to Jump Inn?

You can always contact us for more information and prices.