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Antwerp Harbour expands container capacity with additional 7 million TEU

The port of Antwerp will expand the transhipment capacity for containers by 7 million TEU. For this purpose, a second tidal dock with deep-sea quays is being constructed on the Scheldt. The 13 parties involved have agreed on this after almost a year of negotiations.


Today, the Flemish government will present the compromise at a press conference with the 13 partners - including the action groups, the Boerenbond, Natuurpunt and the municipalities of Antwerp and Beveren. The most important condition for the government was that the proceedings before the Council of State would be terminated.

7 million additional container capacity

The new project creates additional capacity for 7.1 million containers, on top of the existing 15 million. 'The demand for extra container capacity in the port of Antwerp is becoming more urgent every year. It is therefore good news that the objection against ECA has been withdrawn and that an alliance has been established', says Antwerp port alderman Annick De Ridder (N-VA).

The hope is that the works can start in 2029. The price tag of the project is estimated at 1.8 billion euros, but may be much higher. The costs are divided between the Flemish government and the Antwerp Port Authority.

Source: VRT NWS, De Tijd, Schuttevaer


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